This Revolutionary Training Equipement is developed to help train keeping the players head up so they can make better decisions under the high pressure of the game. The player will feel more in-control of him/her-self and will see the game in real-time that usually moves along but got ignored as they focus more on ball down in there foot and not at the movements happening on the fields. This is the best tool to train the mind body connection between the player's mind and foot, where it can be as easy as their daily ritual to carry the ball smoothly without even looking at it like their fav. Pro Players ie: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lional Messi etc. This will give them extra reaction time and those crucial decision making seconds which can eventually change the result of the knockout game. It took years for Pro Players to develop this skill by giving their 10,000 hours to the game and practicing it daily, over and over again. Now, you can also perform those cool NO LOOK PASS & NO LOOK SHOTS. And not just that but your over all game sense will increase with time as you will capture the live action by keeping your head up and absorbing the gameplay happening right in front of you. So, What are you waiting for? Take your Strong Foot forward and buy it today →



Using Soccer Vision Vest, will increase the control on the ball and off the ball as the player get more time when he looks up rather then focusing more on his foot as it block his Peripheral vision. Best Act is that the player look up and keep the ball in his Peripheral vision.

And this Product is to train that and you will definitely see the difference within the first week after it's usage.


While using it daily in practice, looking up will not be anymore your conscious decision as it will be your reflex activity when you will recieve the ball and it will in return gives you extra time to react and perform something extra ordinary to beat your opponent as it.

As it's all about time and fast reactions and the gameplay strategies, which can only be applied when you look the movements of your teammates and opponent team as well.


The device blocks the players vision of the ball, forcing them

to develop the muscle memory of handling the ball without

looking at it and keeping their vision focused on their opponents and

options, hence having time to make decisions. Which in return over the time

makes the actions of player faster and faster, The speed increases over the time.